4 Effective Tips to Stop a Backseat Driver

Does your spouse or some of your friends and loved ones have a habit of giving unwanted comments while you are driving? Then you are dealing with backseat drivers. It is natural for you to be annoyed and get into a shouting match with them. But, it also increases the risks of getting into accidents.

To make your driving time, more peaceful even with this kind of person inside the vehicle, here are 4 techniques on how to get rid of backseat driving.

Use Music to Your Advantage
Let the backseat driver get busy with music while being a passenger in your car. Allow the person to manage the playlist in the car. If they enjoy the music, they will focus more on singing or listening rather than to your driving. But, it should not be too loud as it can also cause a distraction on you.

Practice the Art of Ignoring
If you have the willpower for it, you can ignore what the backseat driver is doing and block their any of their comments about your driving. Simply focus on road ahead. But, if they are screaming at you, being too loud, or poking at your body to get your attention, then you might resort to other tactics.

Let Them Drive
One way to stop a backseat driver is to make them drive your car. If you are comfortable with it, then do so. You will have some peace of mind while on the road, and there will be no verbal battle and frustrations from all parties.

If you don’t want them to drive your car, you can suggest that they use their own car, ride with another, or just tell them to stop as they are stressing you out.

Be Honest With Them
One way to stop a backseat driver is to tell them what it does to you. The best time to say it to them is before they enter your car and start your journey. If you must, tell them to find another car to ride if they can’t help it. Doing this may help prevent backseat driving issues and conflicts to happen.

While backseat drivers think they are just helping you drive properly and safely, what they are doing can cause more harm than good. How they negatively affect you, can also influence the way you drive on the road. Make sure you don’t forget who is controlling the wheel.

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