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3 Auto Insurance Discounts You Didn’t Know Existed

Are you aware of all the available discounts your insurer offers? Well, you should be since it might save you some money! Auto insurance is a competitive industry and carriers want to attract new clients and retain old ones so there are many different discounts you may qualify for and don’t even know about.
While there are insurance discounts that you are already aware of, there are others that you may not know exist. So instead of relying on your agents to tell you whether you qualify for discounts, it would be best if you’d ask them what’s available.

Here are some discounts most of us don’t know about.

Discounts for Paperless Correspondence

Do you want to save money and help the environment at the same time? Go paperless for news and updates about your car insurance! Rather than getting letters through the post, you can get them through e-mail. A lot of insurers nowadays offer discounts if you go paperless, most of them give around 5 to 10 percent discounts on your premiums.

Going paperless will not just save you money, but your insurer will save money from the expenses of mailing as well.

Good Student Discount

It’s no longer a secret that adding teenagers and students to an auto insurance policy can increase your rates substantially. One way to reduce this expenses is to ask for a good student discount. Insurers believe that being a good student correlates to having fewer risks of getting into car accidents.

Most insurers require students to have at least a grade-point average of 3.0 to qualify. They often offer up to 25% discount, which may remain in effect until the student graduates from college. However, this may end at age 25. Give us a call to see if your policy qualifies.

Discounts for Installing Monitoring Devices

A lot of insurers have recently started offering discounts to those who install telematics devices in their vehicles. These devices monitor driving habits, like an average number of miles driven daily, driving speeds, and even how hard drivers step on the brakes.

If you have these monitoring devices installed, you may get up to 30% discount depending on your driving habit.

Asking about car insurance discounts will definitely help you save money on expenses. You’ll more likely get discounts if you make sure that you’re aware of discounts your insurers offer.

Here at Wellcovered Insurance, we want you to be financially protected for a reasonable price and we know ALL the discounts. Let’s go through your policy and see which ones we can apply to your policy today… Call us at (386) 218-2951 or visit us today, and get a free auto insurance quote from us now.