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4 Drivers You Should Include On Your Car Insurance Policy

Typical car insurance may not cover other regular drivers in your household who are not listed on your policy. If you own multiple cars and live with other people who are eligible to drive, it can get confusing for you to pick the right inclusions on your policy. Choosing the right people to include in your household to be part of your insurance policy will determine if your claim will be approved or denied
Adding household members to your car insurance can be expensive so it is important to understand who are the best choices of drivers to include. Picking the best option not only protects you from damages made to your car, but also injuries and property damages made by the drivers of your vehicle.

These are the four different people who should be covered by your car insurance policy.


If you live with your parents, either they move into your home or you move into their home, and they have access to driving your car, then they will need to be included. They should have their own insurance policy for vehicles they own and drive themselves, however, if they regularly use your car then it would be best to include them in your policy.

Adult Children Living with You

Similar to your parents, if your adult child moves back and lives with you, and has access to your car, it would be best to list them as well. Their insurance will not cover your vehicle even if they were driving it, as insurance follows the vehicle and not the person.


Car accidents are the leading cause of death for young people. In addition, more than half of road accidents involve a young person. Teenagers typically have three times more chances of getting into an accident. Also, one overlooked person to include are teenage children not living with you. If you are separated and your teenaged son does not live with you full time, but has access to your car whenever he visits, then it would be best to include them as well.

Regular Guests

If you have guests who regularly visit, or people in your home who have regular access to your vehicle and drive for you like caregivers, assistants, friends, and the like, it would be wise to not forget about them.

Ask your insurance agent if your policy covers people you give permission to drive your car. It may be an added expense to include more people into your car insurance policy, but the extra protection and more assured claims will be worth it.

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