4 Reasons to Ask for New Car Insurance Quote

Are you aware that you may qualify for additional auto insurance discounts? Or did you just sign up for anything to avoid the hassle of comparing insurance quotes? Here at Wellcovered Insurance Group, we understand how you want to save money. That is why we always ensure that you get a fair rate for your policies.

However, insurance rates can change anytime. They can go up or down. Either way, you don’t have to buy from another insurer to get a lower rate. There can be adjustments for certain circumstances even if you stick to one provider. But how do you know when you should request a new quote on your insurance premiums?

1. You didn’t ask for auto insurance quotes in the last few years.

Insurance companies consider a lot of factors when calculating premiums. How they weigh on your insurance rates varies from one provider to the next. Since these factors can change from time to time, your premiums may change as well. Thus, car owners must assess the coverage they have and ask for new insurance quotes to save on expenses.

2. Your premium is more expensive than the average driver.

Latest studies show that an average driver pays $1,654 for car insurance in Florida. So, if your insurance costs more than average, you might want to ask for discounts you’d qualify in.

3. There are improvements in your finances.

Do you have a low credit score? Don’t worry! Although you will get high car insurance rates, you still have the chance of reducing them. Make it your goal to pay off your debts on time to improve your credit rating. When you do, talk to our agent and ask for a new quote.

4. You just got married.

Studies show that married people are less likely to get into an accident than single people. Some insurance companies consider this when giving discounts. Ask your agent if you qualify for one.

Cheaper insurance premiums should never be the only basis for you to sign up for a policy. You should also consider the value of your coverage regardless of how much it costs. Remember that a low rate may subject you to thousands of unpaid damages in the future. So protect your finances! Get your car insured in the right company with the best policy that suits your needs. Wellcovered Insurance Group aims to give you dependable car insurance coverage. Click here to get a quote now or talk to one of our agents at (385) 218-4951.