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4 Useful Tips on Clearing your Driving Record

Affordable car insurance rates are hard to come by when you have a bad driving record. But there’s still hope! You can still keep your rates down by clearing your driving record. Every situation is different, but here’s a few things to know if you want to clear that driving record.
Here are some useful tips on how you can clear your record:

  • Take a driver safety course.

Depending on your violation, your penalty may be reduced or dismissed if you take a state-approved course on defensive driving. Note, however, that this will only remedy minor mistakes like failure to yield. It won’t erase violations like DUI.

  • Resolve “fix-it” tickets.

If you get a ticket for a signal light that’s not working or lost driver’s license, you need to address the problem right away. Doing so will help keep the ticket off your driving record.

  • Contest questionable tickets.

Drivers usually don’t contest a ticket. But fighting tickets may do you some good if you have a shaky driving record. Even if you’re guilty of a violation, there may be factors that can alleviate it. If you actually believe that you’re wrongfully ticketed, then you should contest it. That way, your penalties can be dismissed or reduced.

  • Request removal of your violation on your record.

Instead of waiting for your penalty points to expire, you can request for its removal on your record. You may be qualified to do this if you keep a clean record for three consecutive years since the last one. This tip is helpful when car insurance companies look back four years or more into your driving history.

Violations and Insurance Rates

If you’re unable to clear your driving record, you might get stuck with high insurance rates for years. Insurers usually take a look at your driving history for the past 3 to 5 years. Serious violations like DUIs can affect your rates longer.

There are violations, however, that don’t affect insurance rates. These include parking tickets or one minor speeding violation.

Bear in mind that traffic tickets don’t always affect insurance premiums – it’s the ones that are more serious. Having an idea how to clear your record helps maintain your good reputation in the eyes of your insurer. Most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy affordable rates in the years to come.

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