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4 Ways to Positively Control Customer Complaints

Complaints are not an uncommon thing. Customers generally complain when the products they have bought or services they have paid were not able to meet their expectations. Businesses usually assign someone (or a team) to handle customer complaints and provide proper customer service.

Note that not all disappointed and dissatisfied customers call your attention. There are those that tell other people about their bad experience with your business. Therefore, when a customer tell you their complaints, make use of this time to resolve the issue.

Provided below are 4 useful methods in how to deal with a customer complaint properly:

1. Listen Sincerely
A customer who calls about their problems with your products or services are usually want to blow off steam. When that happens, just listen and let them be. If you do not interrupt their vents and not reacting negatively to it as well, the customer will eventually calm down.

When you think the customer has reached into a calm state, you can begin to tell your solution.

2. Gather Facts
After listening to the venting of the customer, start asking some questions. Obtain all the important details as much as you can. Be genuine when talking to your customer. Avoid using scripted replies. This will help make your customer trust you.

3. Acknowledge the Problem
Show the customer that you hear and understand their side. If the issue is really not your fault, explain it calmly to the customer. If it is your fault, admit the mistake and provide fast solutions to it.

But, do not make promises to the customer that you cannot commit. Also, take into consideration the company guidelines when offering solutions.

4. Be Calm and Professional at All Times
Every time you face an angry and unhappy customer, keep in mind that it is not a personal attack. Do not attempt to win the confrontation as it does not resolve the problem. You are just adding fuel to the fire.

Control your emotions even if you want to get defensive. Handle the situation in a cool manner.

A simple apology to the customer can turn into a peaceful interaction and prevent leaving a negative image to the customer. Instead of telling other people about their dissatisfaction with your company, they would remember your professional and genuine customer service.

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