5 Car Maintenance Oversights to Avoid at All Costs

Most car owners don’t know why their vehicles deteriorate. Most of the time owners focus in finding what they did wrong without knowing that the biggest reason cars are always going back and forth to the shop is because of what the didn’t do. We want our insurance customers driving safe vehicles so please don’t forget the following vehicle maintenance tasks:
1.) Ignoring tires. Buying brand new tires is not enough to take good care of your car. Most car owners do not check their car’s tire pressure from time to time. As a result, they usually end up buying and changing their tires again even when they are still relatively new. Just because your tires look fine in the outside does not mean they are in perfect condition. You have to check the tire pressure at least once a month. Use the driver’s side door jamb to know the proper inflation when checking your tire’s pressure.

2.) Neglecting belts and hoses. Many drivers and vehicle owners don’t mind to their belts and hoses because they are nothing but belts and hoses. They take these as if they are not an important part of the car. What they do not know is that a simple problem in your car’s belts and hoses can lead to much more serious problems, such as power steering failure, water pump failure, coolant leakage, engine overheat and many more.

3.) Forgetting to wash the car. Washing your car every now and then is not just about vanity. It is all about taking good care of your car. Many car owners only wash their cars once a month or even rarer than that. Different kinds of dirt sticking into your car can cause corrosion, oxidized paint and rust. If you want to keep your car at its best state, do not wait for too long to give it a shower.

4.) Clogging up air filter. Car owners of newer vehicle models do not worry too much about clogged air filter knowing that it won’t have an impact when it comes to fuel economy. Even so, dirty and clogged air filter is a factor in how car accelerates. Keeping it clean all the time helps your car be at its best state. Checking and
replacing air filter is an easy task. There is no reason for you not to do it.

5.) Not checking fluids. It cannot be denied that only a few car owners do check their fluids. It is recommended to check all your car fluids – coolant, engine oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid – to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Also, it is a must to change your fluids at standard intervals.

The things listed above are not difficult to do nor are they not time-consuming. Allocating just a few minutes of your week to what needs to be done and you’ll keep your vehicle in better condition and your family safer.

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