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5 Common Loopholes In House Insurance

When unfortunate events like hurricanes happen, your main goal is to survive. After the disaster passes, you think about whether you still have a place to go home to. Among the immediate things you do next is to check whether your insurance policy covers such occurrences. There are incidents that house insurance doesn’t always cover though many insureds miss that information because it is often laid out in fine print.

Here are five common insurance gaps that you don’t want to surprise you in the future:


For nearly everyone here on the east coast of Florida is at risk for flooding. However, flooding is the greatest risk for homeowners who live at the lowest elevations. Only a few private house insurance policies cover flooding. What you can do is get coverage through the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program, which is run by FEMA.


Similar to flooding, earthquake coverage is limited. Very few home insurance policies offer it. It is usually an issue in places that have risks of earthquakes, like along the San Andreas Fault in California. However, we don’t know when an earthquake will strike and where it can happen. Fortunately, it’s not something that experts believe we have anything to worry about here.

Post-Traumatic Emotional Support

Recovering from natural disasters like floods and earthquakes may not only be physically and financially draining. Losing a loved one or even a pet causes emotional stress. However, home insurance doesn’t cover this. One option is to have help from support groups in your area and online forums and blogs.

Burst Pipes

It is crucial to check from time to time if your pipes are well-maintained. Home insurance covers damages caused by burst pipes. Sadly, if the burst pipes are caused by the homeowner’s negligence though the answer is no. You don’t want to pay extra because of your negligence, do you?

A Total Rebuild

During unfortunate events like fire or earthquake, which require you to totally rebuild your house from scratch, expense is the first thing you greatly consider. Most home insurance policies have caps, which means they might not cover the cost of completely rebuilding a house. Your option is to double-check the caps, calculate, and ensure whether that amount would cover the cost of a total rebuild, if necessary.

You don’t want to be caught off-guard especially when you are going through difficult times. Money matters are the last thing that you want to worry about in times of disaster. Before renewing your policy each year be sure to read the coverage thoroughly.

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