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5 Steps To Take After Total Car Loss

In case of a car accident, the involved vehicle may obtain damages that are beyond repair. If you’re unlucky, your insurance adjuster may inform you that your car has already been considered as a total loss. Now that you have to face the reality of losing your car, the list below will help make the next steps easier for you.

If someone else is responsible for the accident, their insurer can pay for the total loss settlement. It means that you have no deductible to pay. On the other hand, if it is your fault or if the insurance company of the other driver is not taking any action, you collision policy will cover the damages incurred. You also need to pay the deductible.

However, do not expect a total loss payout from your insurer if you only have liability coverage, as it does not cover the damages to the car.

Ownership Transfer

In exchange for the settlement that you are entitled to, you need to sign the car ownership over to your insurance company. Your carrier will be responsible to perform disposal of your totaled car. Make sure you keep the insurance coverage of your car as long as it is still in your hands.


You insurance carrier could pay for the total loss settlement. This is a certain amount minus the deductible and other fees. The financing or leasing company will get paid if you are financing or leasing your vehicle. If you own the car, then you are entitled to receive the payment.

Rental Car

If you have added rental auto coverage to your car insurance, it will come to your rescue if you no longer have your own car. It will cover the costs of your car rental for the duration that is indicated in your policy. You will pay for the cost if you decide to extend longer.

New Car

After the accident, you need to move forward and leave the incident behind. If you have decided to purchase a new car, make sure that you talk to your agent about any possible coverage changes based on your new vehicle. There may be several steps included when getting an auto insurance on the new car, but it’s all worth it if your car is totalled due to an accident.

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