5 Things Every Car Owner Should Have

Every car owner has the responsibility to give their car their utmost care. Some even treat their cars like their own babies. It’s just normal to protect a huge investment from possible damages and to be prepared if a road trip has gone awry. To keep your car in good condition and to keep it performing effectively, we bring you 5 essential accessories and parts that you should have in your car.
1. Traction Mats
Traction mats will provide you an easy exit when you have to go through snow, mud, sand and ice, or even uneven terrain. It will prevent your wheels from spinning helplessly on these surfaces. Simply put the traction mat under your wheels and drive.

2. Spare Tire
Spare tires are invaluable during an emergency. You’ll never know when you’ll end up stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Keep it along with a tire jack and a tire iron. This way, you’ll always be prepared when one of your tires flat out. Don’t forget to have your spare tire checked regularly, as its air can leak and can be caused by where and how the tire is stored.

3. Seat Covers
Seat covers would not only give you the option of matching your interior and style, it would also always make your upholstery look good as new. It protects your seats from wearing and tearing up fast. Investing on seat covers might be a little pricey but it will provide you a comfortable driving experience.

4. Reflective Triangles
When inevitable things happen such as getting a flat tire or an accident, a reflective triangle would help warn other motorists that there’s a breakdown or a crash ahead. Place them on the side of the road that is visible to other motorists. It will protect you and your car from damage or physical harm from bypassing traffic.

5. Floor Mats
Floor mats protect your floors from dirt, spills, wear and more. It helps to keep the car looking clean and provides cushion to your feet while protecting you from the heat of the car while it moves. Floor mats can also be easily removed for cleaning and for replacements.

Cars help us make our transport from work, school or at home easier so it’s very important to keep our cars in good condition especially that it is one of our bigger investments. At Wellcovered Insurance Group, we take pride in making sure that our clients are well-protected at prices they can afford. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our agency at (386) 218-4951 or Click Here to request a free quote.