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5 Things Every Employer Should Know About Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can be quite complicated for small business owners. In the past when people tended to work for one company their entire careers it was easier to tell when an injury that occurred on the job was actually job related. With people moving in and out of jobs more today it can be a lot more complicated. Here’s 5 things business owners should know if they have an employee who suffers a workplace injury.
1) Find Out Exactly What Happened

It is best to start at the beginning when you hear about an illness or injury. Work with your team to know what happened. Aside from talking with the injured worker, also converse with any witnesses. Ask lots of questions and drill down the details. Take photos of the place where the accident as it can shed some light on what occurred later on. It should go without saying, but make sure you correct the danger of whatever happened so you can at the very least know it won’t happen again.

2) Look at the Mechanism of Injury

The MOI reveals valuable details to medical professionals. It has information on injuries to the organs, muscles, skin, and bones. Check the height a person fell and the speed of the motor vehicle accident. As soon as you get a report of the injury, get as many details as you can.

3) Understand Acute vs. Chronic

It may be best to leave the medical nuances to people in that field. But, you should have a general idea so you can talk with the medical providers. Chronic conditions are a problem that may affect someone anywhere on the planet. Most of the time, we are not aware that it is happening to us. Somewhere in our body, degenerative changes may build up. We may not be aware of it until an awkward moment at work brings the pain. That person will assume that it has relation to work even if there is no link at all.

Soft tissue trauma does not usually aggravate arthritis. Check with a physician first before agreeing to the payment of a knee replacement. As per research, there is a genetic basis for low back pain. Rotator cuff injury can be chronic if it associates with the atrophy of the muscle. Keyboarding does not cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Get medical evidence. It can help identify your responsibility under worker’s compensation.

4) Use Quality Providers

Look for quality providers that use evidence-based medicine. Look for their educational background, credentials, and certifications. Make sure that you base your claim from a high-quality physician.

When using a medical expert to challenge claim denials, look for a believable one. Ask questions on how the provider arrived at a particular diagnosis.

5) Know the Law

States have different legislative standards that ensure the compensation for employees and it can be quite complicated. Weeding out legitimate claims can be tough. Use the right experts and be proactive after the first report. Doing this will allow you to save headaches, money and time.

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