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5 Ways to Keep Your Vacant Florida Property Safe

There are times when every property will be vacant. If you own a property that will be uninhabited for even a few days, you might want to take some measures to avoid the possibility of falling victim to certain elements, including burglary, vandalism or system failure.

Below are the possible ways you can do to protect your vacant house (and avoid a costly home insurance claim).

Invest in Your Property’s Security

It is always necessary to invest in good property security tools. Entry alarms and motion-sensor lights will greatly reduce the possibility of being a victim to the elements stated above. It is also recommended to always keep the curtains and blinds closed to keep other people from seeing inside. Through this, it would be difficult for them to determine whether there is someone inside or not.

Seek Support

Talk to your neighbors! Ask them to keep an eye on your property. Most, if not all, of them would be willing to keep an eye of your vacant home for you and to contact you once there any concern occurs. To make this possible, do not forget to leave your contact number to them.

Double-check Everything

Before leaving a vacant house, be sure that you have already locked all your windows and doors. Installing working deadbolts on exterior doors would also be very beneficial. It is a must to seal pet doors, too. This will protect your house from the possible invasion of pests. Set the thermostat at a constant temperature. Do not forget to set it at a higher temperature if it is winter season to prevent the possibility of freezing.

Maintain the Exterior of the House

A house that looks uncared for is an invitation to burglars, squatters and vandals. If you can’t mow your lawn yourself pay a landscaping company or local teenager to take care of it for you. Make arrangements to trim branches of trees that might fall and ruin your house’ roof and windows. Check from time to time if the exterior lights and gutters are still in good condition.

Get The Right Insurance

Always keep in mind that if a house is vacant for a month or more, the usual homeowner’s insurance might not cover the damages or losses that will occur. It is best to get an additional or upgraded insurance policy for a vacant property and at Sherzer & Associates here in Orange City we’ll be happy to help you with that.

We’ll help you choose an insurance company or policy that offers the best coverage for your vacant house. When you work with an experienced independent agent like ours you won’t have to worry about coverage being there for your unique situation.

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