6 Deadly Mistakes Even The Best Drivers Make

No matter how experienced you are in driving, it does not mean that there’s a 100 percent guarantee you won’t be caught up in a car accident. Even those who have already been driving for decades still find themselves in road trouble due to common driving unsafe practices. Check out the most common unsafe practices committed by most motorists here in Florida.
1 – Forgetting to Use Visual Cues

Visual cues are very much needed to be safe while hitting the road. Using headlights when riding under bad weather conditions will benefit you and the other drivers. It will be easier for you to see the road and it will be easier for them to see your car. Using turn signals also prevent accidents. It lets other drivers know when and where you are going to make a turn. Thus, this lets them know when and where to hold their brake.

Use your turn signals, no matter where you’re driving.

2 – Trying to Beat the Yellow Light

It is undeniable that many drivers try to beat the yellow light especially when they are really in a hurry. What they do not know is that there are a lot of possible accidents that might be caused by this choice. Instead of saving some time, they might end up waiting and trying to settle a road accident. Wait for the green signal for a minute or two? It’ll help you avoid traffic tickets and car accidents, both of which can raise your car insurance rates significantly.

Stop at the yellow light whenever you can do so safely.

3 – Using The Phone While Driving

It is not a secret to the whole world that many road accidents were caused due to drivers texting or making a phone call while driving. The best way to avoid being entangled on any road accident is to forget using any mobile device while you are behind the wheel. Focus and total awareness are the key to a safer road – not just for you, but for the other motorists, by-standers and people crossing the street.

Put the phone out of reach so you won’t be tempted.

Using Hands-Free Phones

Many people think it is okay to take a phone call while driving as long as they are on hands-free mode. Well, this is definitely not the case! Using hands-free phones while driving still causes relatively high level of cognitive distraction. This is why accidents still occur even when motorists are using their phones on a hands-free mode.

Don’t be fooled – hands free phone conversations are nearly as dangerous as holding the phone to your ear.

Not Adjusting to Weather Conditions

It is recommended to drive according to weather conditions. You should not drive on a rainy or snowy day the same way you drive on a sunny day. The road is wet and slippery when it is raining. Thus, there is a need to slow down your driving speed and take extra precautions.

Take it slow in the rain and turn on your lights so other cars can see you.

Skipping School

Many drivers do not bother to take defensive driving class just because they think it is no longer necessary when they have already gotten their driving license and they have already participated in it once. It is recommended to take the class every after a few years as a refresher.

The amount you save in car insurance will make taking a defensive driver class a highly profitable use of your time.

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