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8 Important Times to Call Your Insurance Agent

Have you gone through any major life changes recently? Any coming up that you know of?

Major life changes can take a lot of preparation and one important element of that is making sure your insurance is adequately setup for the new situation. Here are 8 different life events that are great times to talk to your agency to make sure you have the right coverage and discounts. If you know anyone expecting any of these changes in the near future have them reach out to our agency and we’ll make sure they’re properly protected.

1) Having a Baby

This isn’t just for parents expecting their first bundle of joy. Informing your agent that you have another baby on the way is important so they can update your life insurance coverage. Both employed or stay-at-home parents should do so.

2) Getting Married or Filing for Divorce

You should include your future spouse in your insurance policy. You will also have to insure your new home or simply need to put both of your names on your car coverage. Some would even protect their significant items and get an insurance for their engagement ring as well. You have to discuss these things before getting married. Many of the same issues are relevant for someone going through a divorce, except that things will certainly be different.

3) Major Home Renovations

In almost every case, building a new room or adding another part to your house would require changes in your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Moving Into a New Home or Apartment

Getting a new apartment or moving to a new home will require you to get new coverage. Tell it to your agent so he can recommend an appropriate renters insurance or a homeowners insurance policy.

5) Sending Junior to College

Talk to your insurance agent to find out if you should still include your children in your policy even if they’re already far from home. If student loans are involved, you can also ask your agent about life insurance for student loans as well.

6) Buying a New Car (or a new-to-you used car)

Just like when you buy a new home, you also have to get a new car insurance policy for your new vehicle.

7) Starting a New Job

Check with your HR about what kind of insurance benefits are offered at your work. And ask your agent for options if you think that the coverage isn’t enough. (it rarely is)

8) Starting a New Business

Even if it’s still a small-scale business or simply home-based, you need to have enough coverage to ensure that you have the right protection for your inventory or employees.

Talking to an insurance agent at least once a year, whether you’re going to have these life changes or not, is something we advise for all our clients. Get a reliable agent to review what you need to have complete protection in case of unfortunate events from us, here at Well Covered Florida. Give us a call at 386-218-4951, Drop by our Orange City, FL office or click here to get a quote from us today!