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Car Shopping? Here’s 6 Car Sales Tricks to Avoid

Shopping for a new car can be a very enjoyable experience. It should be at least. Unfortunately that’s often not the case as we’ve had countless clients bad purchasing experiences through the years at our agency. There are some really great car insurance salespeople around here and we know many of them, but there’s also some that you need to be careful of. We thought it’d be helpful to share some of the tricks we’ve seen car salespeople play on our clients to help you avoid a bad experience when buying your next new car.
1. The Hard Sale

Some salespeople will stop at nothing to pressure you into buying a car. Don’t let their aggression influence you into making the wrong purchase. One good way to prevent this when it’s happening is to tell the salesperson point blank that their pressure is making you uncomfortable and you don’t buy things when you feel pressured. They’ll get the point if you come right out and say it.

2. Discussing Payment Terms

When the salesperson asks you about the monthly payment you want consider this as a red flag. It can be enticing to some customers but don’t let the small monthly price lure you. The longer you stretch your payments, the more you’ll overpay for the car of your choice. When a car salesperson can get you thinking about monthly payments instead of overall costs it’s easier for them to get you to buy a vehicle that’s out of your price range or pay more than you should for whatever you buy.

3. Focusing on the Trade-In

Know how much you can get for your trade before you trade it in. Many car dealers will try to shift the focus onto the value of your trade-in while increasing your prices somewhere else. Consider the cost of the car you are purchasing separately from the trade-in and make sure you’re getting a fair price for both individually.

4. Misleading Information

Understand that almost every question you ask will be answered by the salesperson with consideration of what they think you want to hear. If you want to learn more about a new car’s features go to the manufacturer’s website for those answers. The car manufacturer needs to put accurate information on their website but there isn’t much preventing a salesperson from telling you whatever they want to while on the dealership parking lot because there’s no accountability.

5. Hidden Fees

There’s more to it than the agreed price, whether you opt for a new car or used car, you still have to pay more fees before you get the keys. Some of these hidden charges include licensing fee, processing fee, registration and title fees. When you agree to the final price, tell the salesperson that you need every other fee explained at that time and if there are any more that come up later the deal is off. When they know the deal is on the line, your salesperson will be upfront about everything and if they are not, walk away.

6. Testing Your Patience

One technique dealers use is to keep you waiting until you can’t wait any longer. Dealers know that most people don’t have weeks to buy a car. Our time is valuable and if you spend a really long time at one dealership you’re lesl likely to have time to visit another or even want to. Let the salesperson know you have somewhere you need to be at a reasonable time and put the pressure on them to come up with a satisfactory deal in a short amount of time.

While shopping around for the right car can be an unpleasant experience, finding the right car insurance doesn’t need to be. Let us guide you with the right information and everything you need to know to protect your car and passengers. Call us today at 386-218-4951 or click here to request a quote. You’ll be happy to talk with one of our agents so we can cater the perfect insurance for you and your car.