Containing Kitchen Fires

Cooking accidents account for about 90% of kitchen fires. And most of that 90% are grease fires. Knowing that would make you wonder… Do you know what to do in case of a kitchen fire? Are you going to call the fire department? Or should you try to put it out first with a fire extinguisher?
Grease Fires

Grease fires shouldn’t be handled like any other fire. The first thing you should remember is not to pour water on it! The best way to go is to smother it, if possible, until it dies out. Follow these tips:

  • Always have a potholder, oven mitt, and a lid (that fits your pan) ready.
  • When grease fires happen, don the oven mitt and place the lid over the pan. Slide the lid over the flames rather than dropping it from above.
  • Turn your burner off and leave the pan to cool down.
  • Remember not to move the pan. Don’t put it outside or in the sink and don’t lift the lid until it has cooled down.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires happen when you’re overloading your electrical outlets with kitchen appliances. If a fire starts, remember not to splash it with water. Rather, use a fire extinguisher to put it down. Even if you’ve already put out the fire, always call the fire department!

Oven Fires

When your oven is on fire, close the door immediately and turn it off. If the fire doesn’t stop right away, call the fire department. Have it inspected and repaired before using it again.

Microwave Fires

Keep the microwave door closed when there’s fire inside. And then turn it off and unplug it if it is safe to do so. Leave it closed and never use the appliance again until the technician has already checked it out.

Putting Out a Kitchen Fire with a Fire Extinguisher

You should always equip your kitchen with a fire extinguisher. Keep it within reach while you’re cooking. Familiarize these tips, so you won’t have to read the directions when a fire starts.

  • For your fire extinguisher to work, remove its pin.
  • Point it toward the base of the fire and not on top of the flame.
  • Press down on the lever of the extinguisher and let go when you want it to stop.
  • Spray back and forth across the fire until you’ve put it down.

When to Call the Fire Department

Never hesitate to call the fire department. But if the fire is small and contained, you might want to follow the tips above while waiting for help to arrive. While you’re putting the fire out, get your family out of the house. You should get out as well when the flames rise and spread.

Remember that kitchen fires that start small can be quickly contained if you know what to do. However, a roaring fire is something you shouldn’t attempt at handling. Always put safety first! Keep you and your family protected, and don’t think twice about calling for help.

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