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Defend Your Home from Predators

Predator attacks at home are rare. However, they do happen especially if you live far from the city and deeper into nature. If you love the great outdoors, there is always a risk. They are called wild for a reason. In the United States, the most common predators are cougars, bears, and alligators. Here are some ways to keep safe from these animals.
Indirectly Protect By Discouraging Prey
One way to keep predators away is to keep the prey away. Natural food sources for them like deer, rodents, and other smaller animals should be discouraged from staying close to your home.

Avoid items that will attract these animals into your home. Do not put plants they eat around or inside your home. Make sure the smell of food does not stay around your house. You can do this by doing the following.

  • Lessen the time your trash bin is out in the open. Try bringing it out only during collection time.
  • If you cooked or barbequed outside you must make sure you clean it up.
  • If you have fruit trees always clean up fallen and rotten fruit.
  • Do not leave your pet’s food lying around outside your house.

Not only do these help keep the prey away, but they also help keep bears away.

Pool Safety
Alligators may try and swim in your pool. Protect your pool by installing a fence around the perimeter. One useful design is to have the barrier at least 1 foot high and at a 45-degree angle outward. This helps deter alligators into your swimming pool.

Protective Barrier
The pool is not the only area where a fence can be installed. Prime areas are the backyard, front lawn, or even around your home. If you want to invest, look for an electric fence that is high-voltage but low-amperage. The sudden jolt and loud noise it makes highly discourage entry.

Going Face to Face
If you do happen to come face to face with one, do not panic or run. You do not want to trigger their instinct to chase you. Always be aware of your surroundings and be observant. Anything can happen in the wild, and you want to make sure you are always safe.

Being safe means minimizing risk and being prepared for emergencies. Make sure your home is safe from predators and let your loved ones be protected. At Wellcovered Insurance, we do our best in making sure that our clients are well-protected with affordable and comprehensive policies. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our agency at (386) 218-4951 or Click Here to request a free quote.