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Do Floridians Have Enough Home Insurance?

Are you aware that most Floridians do not have enough home insurance? It is true. Even though home insurance is a necessity for every household, a lot of people do not have the appropriate coverage. Read on so you can find out why you want to be properly covered.
According to Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, the leading provider of data on building replacement cost, almost two out of three homes in Florida do not have enough insurance. Underinsured means that the homeowner does not have enough insurance. That insurance can only pay for 78% of the cost to rebuild or replace their homes.

It is a startling statistic. One of the reasons behind this is that most homeowners do not increase or update the coverage. They should do this for their homes now and then. Whenever owners improve and remodel their homes they don’t usually call their insurance agent so that they can update their coverage.

The surge in the prices of labor, energy and building materials is also a contributor. All these can increase their replacement cost by more than 7 percent since the year 2001. If you were in that home for five years, the insurance of your home might go down to two-thirds of the home’s coverage.

There are lots of agents who give quick quotes so they can close a sale. The lack of training that can hamper the accurate assessment of the value of the homes that they insure. They usually rely on over-the-phone interviews. These meetings can provide an estimated amount of coverage for the home of a customer. Homeowners may end up purchasing a low-priced coverage. They create a mistake when they believe that this can replace their home in case there is a full loss.

Doing this is not fair to the industry of insurance. It happens during the rebuilding efforts after the hurricanes. Homeowners may rebuild their homes after a storm damage of that size. They may also find themselves facing the new building code clauses. These did not exist when they created the home.

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