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Do I Really Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

It’s easy to understand when you need personal auto insurance. You want to protect not only your vehicle but also the people you love. On top of that, the law here in Florida requires that all car owners need insurance.
But it’s different when it comes to commercial insurance. Some vehicles are not included in a typical standard vehicle policy. For example, if you’re using a car mainly for your business then you need to have commercial vehicle coverage or it might not be covered. The same goes for vehicles that have posted advertisements and business names on them.

If you want to know more about the type of insurance your vehicle needs, here are some of the things to consider:

1. Registration

Is the vehicle registered under a business name? Then it’s important that you purchase a commercial auto insurance policy. However, even if the car’s registration is under your name, it doesn’t mean that you can sign up for a personal car policy. If you are using it mainly for your business like advertising or delivering goods, a commercial auto insurance is necessary.

2. Who is driving?
Do you have employees who would drive the vehicle for your company? With the use of commercial insurance, you can include their names on the policy and get enough protection for your people and the car.

3. Regular Business Use
Will you use the vehicle for business use for at least four times or more in one month? If you operate it regularly for commercial purposes, then you should get the right insurance policy.
But what does it mean when you declare that you’re using the vehicle for business use? This includes the following purposes:

  • Transporting flammable or any hazardous materials
  • Transporting housekeeping tools for your business
  • Carrying snowplows, cranes, and other types of equipment that won’t be used on your private property
  • You use it as a tow-for-hire vehicle
  • Delivering products including flowers, wholesale and retail items, pizza, etc.
  • Delivering rural newspaper
  • Long haul and local trucking
  • You use it as a taxi driver or a chauffeur

4. Optional Policies
On top of your standard car policy, you may want to have these add-ons so it can best fit a commercial auto insurance.

  • Liability coverage for the moving tools
  • Liability coverage for other vehicles that you have to hire
  • Subrogation waiver
  • Added coverage for another party as part of your insurance

5. The Right Commercial Usage
Some businesses are still allowed to have standard car insurance coverage. But you still have to inform your agent that this will be used for such purposes so they can cater you the right coverage while signing a personal auto policy. Here are some examples where you can still have a typical car insurance while still doing business.

  • You sell Tupperware or Mary Kay products as your part time job. Or when doing this full time, your car mileage should be less than 500 miles every week.
  • Doctors, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and even consultants who use their cars regularly
  • Social workers and health care professionals who use their vehicles on a daily basis as long as they do not transport people every day.

If you want to make sure whether you need commercial auto insurance for your vehicle or settle with a personal car policy reach out to our agency. Click here to talk to our agents or give us a call at 386-218-4951 today!