Florida Homeowners Insurance For First Time Home Buyers

What is the best homeowners insurance for your new home?

The answer is probably not obvious because if this is your first home you’ve probably never taken the time to understand homeowner’s insurance. Although the best way to make sure you’re properly covered is to work with a professional insurance agency like Wellcovered Insurance Group but even we believe that an educated customer makes the best customer so here’s a few important elements to understand that factor into your homeowners insurance rate here in Florida.

The homeowner’s policy itself has a couple of integral features and benefits to consider. Buying replacement cost insurance versus actual cash value insurance is one of your most important decisions. Replacement cost homeowner’s policies settle any loss by replacing or repairing your dwelling and its contents with like kind and quality without depreciation. Actual cash value allows for depreciation and expects you to make up the difference as an out of pocket expense.

Another cost savings decision that you will make is the size of the deductible. It makes sense to have as high a deductible as you can afford on your home policy because homeowners insurance claims are not usually frequent but are often costly.

The best homeowner’s insurance for you revolves around how you want to do business, whether to purchase replacement cost or actual cash value, and the size of your deductible. These three areas will lead you in the right direction. Purchasing online or by telephone is becoming more common but there’s really no replacement for working with someone who has years of experience working with local families on their home insurance.

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