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Future Car Technologies That Have A Chance

It is apparent that car technology is advancing. You may now think that Sci-Fi movie is now a reality. In the past, the future of car technology seems a bit distant but turns out that they soon become a reality within a few years. Here are some technologies that we are hoping to see in the not too distant future.
Driverless Cars
It is not that impossible for there are already prototypes seen and tested by companies for such cars. Imagine having a driverless car while you are finishing some essay or your work or merely reading a book. The drive would be more productive and relaxing at the same time. You can enter your destination, and you will arrive there without being stressed out.

It may take out the thrill of driving, but admit it, this is an innovation that we can’t wait to see.

Smart Cars
Well, technology is getting smarter as time goes by. Picture a smart car, not just something that can park on itself, but something that can integrate with your daily life. A vehicle that can be an assistant, which can be your office with the ability to receive emails, track your health and a multitude of apps that can make your life convenient and efficient.

Intercommunication Between Cars and the Road
It is something to look forward to indeed. A car which can help you to communicate with other vehicles to avoid any accidents or save us time and effort. It is not that too far off since there are already cars with sensors, and now just waiting for cars to talk to each other. For example, when you are backing up into a parking space and another vehicle will send a message that it will hit your car.

Pretty much impressive if this will happen, many will be saved by not hitting someone else’s car by accident.

Augmented Reality
Wouldn’t it be great if you can see information such as the width and condition of the road as well as the model of the car in front of you in the window screen, right? It can give you information to help you with your driving, therefore, making it a safe and worry-free drive.

The Fast and the Future
The future of car technology is evident, and this will be a massive revolution. Driving won’t be that tiresome and stressful.

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