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Going Green: Water Conservation At Home

An average family in the US uses about 260 gallons of water every day. Now imagine that much water used by millions of families throughout the world. That’s a lot of water, right? And this is probably the reason why many environmentalists promote water conservation.
We utilize water for a lot of things every day that we probably haven’t considered how important not to waste it. We use water for brushing our teeth, flushing the toilet, etc. Have you ever stopped to think what a big contribution it is when you take simple steps toward conserving water?

Tips on Conserving Water

When the soil gets dry and cracked, and the grass turns brown, people start to think of conserving water. But do we really have to wait until water supplies become limited before we consider ways on how to conserve water? By making some changes at home, you can start to save water (as well as money on your water bill) and help prevent shortages on water. Here are some tips:

  1. Give your bathroom an upgrade. Use low-flow toilets and showerheads. They’re inexpensive and worth it. You won’t only conserve water, but you’ll also reduce your water bill as you’ll be using less.
  2. Make bath time into a playtime for your kids. When you need to bathe your kids in a bathtub before sleeping, turn it into playtime by letting them bathe together.
  3. Use efficient appliances. Choose energy-efficient washing machine and dishwashers. That conserves water by using less.
  4. Use appliances occasionally. Don’t use the washing machine for two or three shirts or use the dishwasher for a few plates and silverwares. It’s best to wait until you have a full load before using them.
  5. Plug the sink when washing dishes. Fill up your sink with soapy, clean water and give your dishes a quick rinse. This helps save water by not running the faucet the entire time.
  6. Let the dishwasher do its job. Don’t wash the dishes before putting them in your dishwasher. Most dishwashers nowadays are capable of scrubbing dirty dishes for you.
  7. Store cold water in your refrigerator. By doing so, you won’t be wasting water by letting the faucet run until it gets as cold as you want it. Fill a pitcher with water and keep it in your refrigerator.
  8. Fix the leak. If you have any leaky faucet or pipe, running toilet, or dripping spigot, fix it immediately so that you won’t waste water.
  9. Maybe it’s time that you rethink your yard. Use plants that don’t need a lot of watering. Protect the soil from drying out by using mulch. When watering your plants, do so during the coolest time of the day. Install a hose nozzle that can turn itself off to avoid wasting water.

Make water conservation a family thing. Teach your family members how important water conservation is. Chances are, you’ll children will grow up learning how to save water every day.

By practicing water conservation, you’re also protecting your home from damages caused by faulty pipes. When faulty pipes are left unattended, you will not only waste water, but you may cause damages that aren’t covered by your insurance. Aside from that, taking steps to water conservation may have its perks on your insurance.

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