Hazards Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is your safety net when your home gets damaged or lost. But what exactly does it cover? You must understand that not all losses and damages are covered. The perils that you are protected against are very broad. Fortunately, we’ve put together this a list of the most common hazards that your homeowners policy should cover.

You know something is wrong when you hear a booming sound around your home. Whatever the cause of an explosion is, your homeowners insurance will get you covered.

Hail & Windstorms

Your homeowners insurance usually covers wind damage, including those that are caused by a tornado. Coverage also extends to hail damage or wind-driven rain that gets inside your home after storm damage.


Your homeowners insurance also covers damage caused by lightning. In fact, several policies may extend coverage to power surges that result from a strike.

Fire & Smoke

Fire and smoke damage to your home, garage, belongings, and other structures are usually covered. If your home is deemed uninhabitable for the moment, your policy may help with your living expenses.

Falling Objects

Whether it’s a meteor or a tree, you will be protected from the expenses of having to repair the damages to your home.

Water Damage

Most homeowners insurance usually covers water damage that is caused by water heaters or burst pipes. That is if it happened suddenly or accidentally. So if a pipe bursts and it soaks your wall or fall, you will be covered. But make sure you file a claim immediately.

Bear in mind that water damage caused by a flood will require a separate policy. An optional coverage will also be required for damages due to water backup.


Vandalism and any form of mischiefs are covered by your homeowners insurance as well. It would help pay for the costs of repairs or reconstruction, as well as replacement of your damaged belongings.


Your insurance also covers the damages an intruder cause to your home. Stolen items are also covered the personal property coverage that’s already included in most policies. Bear in mind, however, that policies have limits as to how much they’ll pay out for a property.

Damaged caused by an Aircraft or Vehicle

This may happen rarely, but when it happens, it’s better to be protected. Fortunately, most homeowners insurance policies cover this untoward event.

Your homeowners policy will cover you from a lot of things. But it would be wise if you consult with your agent first regarding coverage scenarios. Be well-informed about the specifics and review the policy and make sure you completely understand the terms and conditions. That way, you will not be surprised when something unfortunate happens.

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