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Home Care: What’s In The Air?

Air pollution is a real problem we are facing. Emissions from cars, factories, and other smoke emitting devices add to this growing problem. However, when we think of air pollution, we usually limit our thinking to the air outside. We often forget that the same does happen within our home. When do you know your air inside your home is dirty? It is sometimes tricky to tell. This makes it especially important to keep track of your air quality inside your home. Here are some facts to take note of.
Take Note Of What Is In Your Home
One of the reasons your home’s air may be dirty is due to leaks from chemicals. Look around your home, and you will find different substances which may affect the air quality if the containers are left open. Many household and cleaning items like pesticides, paints, solvents, and other chemicals are a common culprit.

Keep It Clean
Cleaning your home is not limited to just the tangible items. Dust and grime may be readily visible, but also take note of growing molds, mildew, water leaks, or even stagnant water. All of these also negatively affect the air around you. Make sure garbage bins are always closed and sealed. Do not leave full garbage cans inside your home for a long time. You should clear them out as often as possible.

Ventilation Is Important
If a room is newly painted, or the carpet is freshly installed, how long does it take before the smell disappears? If it takes too long, then your home’s ventilation may need work. If you have a lack of windows, you may need to install exhaust fans and other devices to make up for it.

A Foul Stench Is Not The Only Sign
Using odor eaters and other air fresheners may hinder your ability to spot dirty air. However, it is important to remember that foul smells are not the only sign of polluted air. You may not even notice your air quality is poor since there may be no signs. Have your home tested regularly to ensure it is free of harmful substances.

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