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Home Safety 101: Being Smarter Than Criminals

Each year, there is an increasing number of home burglaries committed all over the world. Thieves do not steal without a plan. Homeowners must be one step smarter than these robbers by understanding criminal minds and securing home security measures.
Understand Deeper Criminal Minds
Sociologists found that the three most common factors to consider whether to rob or not a house are time, noise and visibility.

Thieves aim to rob a house at the fastest time possible. Although its likely to break locks, researchers suggest that robbers prefer to enter through open doors and windows.

Robbers want to make the crime as quiet as possible. This is why barking dogs and alarms could be threats to them.

For visibility, thieves prefer houses that are poorly lit and wherein they could hide enough not to be caught.

Home Security Measures
These include:

  • Ensure that Doors and Windows are Locked
    The easiest access for robbers to trespass is through unlocked windows or doors. Make sure to get good quality locks that can help increase security at home.
  • Get a Dog
    Getting a barking dog can help alarm homeowners that thieves are breaking-in. Dogs can complement security measures available at home.
  • Maintain a Well-Lit Home
    One of the most common factors considered by burglars is visibility. Keeping the house especially the vicinity well lit can increase the chance to know if something suspicious is happening.
  • Take Caution on What You Throw Away
    Thieves can use your trash to check on what you are capable of financing. Make sure to shred first bank statements or containers of big purchases before throwing it into trash bins.
  • Be Careful about Who You Let Inside Your House
    There might be instances that service providers may knock on your door. Make sure to know well the purpose of the visitor for better security.

In Case of Robbery
It would be best that you have a safe for your valuables that would make it less possible for thieves to steal. Make sure that you know who to contact for help including people in authority in case robbers have broken-in in your house.

Moreover, recordings in CCTVs, footprints and other clues can be utilized to find the burglars who trespassed in your home.

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