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Homeowners Insurance: Sudden Water Damage Coverage

We can’t predict when there will be sudden water entering our homes. Especially not here in Florida where it comes unexpectedly so often. Severe flooding and torrential downpours happen without prior notice. So take it from us in the insurance business, it is better to be prepared and fully insured than to find out later you weren’t.
Homeowners insurance typically covers water damage but usually only for specific kinds and types like accidental or sudden discharge of water. A type of water damage that is usually covered under homeowners insurance is the sudden water damage. Every insurance company has different kinds of coverage for sudden water damage. So it is important to work with a carrier that offers complete coverage whenever this kind of situation happens.

Insurance policies are very specific when it comes to sudden water damage coverage, so let’s have some examples on what a typical homeowners insurance policy will cover and will not cover.
What Sudden Water Damage is usually covered in Homeowners Insurance

  • An overflowing toilet
  • A water heater giving out and flooding a room
  • A dishwasher hose breaking in mid-cycle

What Sudden Water Damage is Not Usually Covered in Homeowners Insurance

  • Flood, or rising water, which is a common misconception
  • Leaking pipes (this is actually a maintenance issue)
  • Broken pipes (this is also usually considered to be a maintenance issue)

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions when it comes to sudden water damage among the people we talk to about insurance. It is best to discuss this issue thoroughly with your insurance agent and make sure that you understood it fully to avoid confusion later.

Here at WellCovered Insurance, we make sure our clients thoroughly understand their policies coverage and limitations. So if you have questions with regard to understanding sudden water damage coverage under your home insurance policy, just give us a call at (386) 218-4951 or visit our office today. You may get a free quote from us by clicking here.