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How to Keep a Lasting Relationship with Your Clients

Did you ever lose a client without understanding why? While it may seem like it’s an overnight decision, that’s rarely the case. In fact, if you’ve given them enough attention, you’d know when they’re not pleased about something. How you might ask? By keeping a healthy relationship with your clients!
A healthy working relationship with your clients is an integral part of business. Although it’s nice if your work could speak for itself, that isn’t always a case. Sometimes, it takes a relationship.

Here’s how you can build and maintain lasting relationships with your clients:

Plan projects clearly.

If you are asked to draw up a quote, or you receive a brief, it’s vital that you have a clear project outline ready. Your client may give an accurate and detailed set of ideas, or maybe they will be vague. But whatever the case, establishing an outline sooner can give both parties an idea of how the project will unfold.

When creating a project plan, it should include clear objectives. It should also state what your clients can expect on delivery. As soon as you’ve established that, you can then work out a timeline and set a deadline for the project.

The planning stage is also the time to offer a quote and negotiate on the payment. Throughout this stage, there should be friendly and open communication between you and your client.

Have the line of communication open between you and your client.

Like any other aspect of our lives, communication is vital. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways in which you can communicate with your clients, from phone calls to paper mails to emails to social media. As much as possible, make yourself available for your client during business hours and respond politely and promptly to any inquiries. You should also give your clients regular updates on the project.

Share your expertise.

In general, your clients come to you for service or product. But because you have the skills and expertise for that particular service or product, share your knowledge about them even if it’s beyond what they asked you to deliver.

When sharing your knowledge, go beyond telling what you know and become a teacher. By doing it for free, a trusting relationship between you and your client will be established.

Manage your time efficiently to meet deadlines.

Having work done on time will help maintain your relationship with your client. If you’ve set a clear and realistic timeline, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Bear in mind that when you set a delivery date, it would be wise to over-estimate than give yourself too little time. Doing so will allow you to deliver early, thereby making your clients pleased with your efficiency. However, if something goes wrong and you think you won’t be able to deliver by the deadline, it would be best to tell the client as soon as possible.

Be honest.

A business relationship works best when both parties are honest. Be honest about what you’re capable of and how long it would take you to get things done. That way, you won’t mislead your clients. Misleading your clients will result in disappointment causing your relationship to fail. But if your clients know what to expect from you, then a trusting relationship can be built.

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