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How To Maximise Your Car Fuel

Many people love to travel to different destinations by car for convenience and comfort. Car fuel must last long enough to make road trips more enjoyable and economical. Diesel or gas continues to increase in price nowadays, but there are things that people can keep in your mind to make the most of their car fuel.

Driving habits, car parts and accessories as well as car maintenance all contribute to increased fuel mileage of a vehicle.

Driving Habits

  • Close Windows During Road Trips
    Opening the windows when driving can increase drag on the car at high speed and can result to fuel drain. Having less drag can improve the car’s speed.
  • Maintain Momentum
    When driving, always plan to maintain the car’s momentum to prevent stop starting of the engine. Be aware of the traffic lights and possible road obstacles to keep a smooth drive.
  • Wait Out the Heavy Traffic
    If possible, do not battle with heavy traffic. If there are tasks one can still do in the office, you can do it to pass the time. Heavy traffic increases fuel consumption and wear and tear car’s brakes.

Car Parts and Accessories

  • Use Low-Rolling-Resistance Compound Tires
    Low-rolling-resistance compound tires can increase fuel economy and can be used as a substitute for properly inflated tires. To save better, one can utilise this upon car purchase or as a replacement for old tires.
  • Utilize Quality Air and Fuel Filter
    Quality air and fuel filter can enhance fuel efficiency. It is best if the filter used is maintained as what the manufacturer has recommended. Also, keep the cleanliness of these car filters.
  • Purchase Quality Fuel
    Choose quality fuel especially that which contains less ethanol because it is consumed quickly. Compare not only prices but also even quality among different brands.

Car Maintenance

  • Tune-Up the Engine
    A properly tuned-up engine can improve fuel efficiency. Make sure always to check the engine oil and spark plugs.
  • Ensure Quality Control Systems
    On fuel-injected cars, ensure that oxygen sensors and emission control systems are of good quality. Damage in these can decrease fuel efficiency to almost 20%.

Improving fuel mileage can help bring a more enjoyable and affordable trip. Moreover, aside from fuel, ensuring the car condition is also one of the topmost priorities to maintain safe travel. In any road trip, make sure to protect yourself and your car by getting auto insurance. At Wellcovered Insurance, we aim to make our client’s life easier with policies that are tailored to their needs. You can get more information about our products and services by calling our agency at (386) 218-4951. Get your free quote today by CLICKING HERE.