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Insurance Agency Near Me: Questions to Ask When Comparing Coverages

Finding the right insurance coverage to meet all of your needs can often feel overwhelming due to all of the different options. Knowing which questions to ask is essential while comparing coverages. Taking the extra time to research all of your options is key to avoiding mistakes. Working with an insurance agency is also helpful in making it easier to find the right coverage while staying within your budget. Keeping a few things in mind can help make this entire process easier.

Here is an overview of the main questions to ask while comparing coverages with an insurance broker near me.

What Does a Standard Insurance Policy Cover for My Home?
Understanding what a home insurance policy covers is essential before you make any decisions on buying insurance. An insurance agent can help you go over the details of your policy to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered in your policy. For example, standard home insurance policies will include dwelling coverage for the physical structure of your home and personal property coverage for your personal belongings inside of your house. 

A traditional policy will also include liability coverage for any injuries sustained by someone in your home and additional expense coverage if you are displaced from your home. These extra expenses are often transportation or hotel costs. Insurance companies may also offer additional coverages, making discussing your requirements with an insurance agent important in finding the best policy to meet your needs.

How Do Insurance Providers Calculate Rates?
The cost of home insurance will vary greatly between people. Many factors determine the cost of insurance, such as your personal claims history, condition of your home, and location. A larger home will also cost more to insure due to it being more expensive to replace. An insurance agent can compare multiple policies from all of the top insurance providers to find the best coverage for your home. Shopping around every other year is also important in finding the best rates.

Should I Select Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value?
You can choose to insure your house with either a replacement cost or an actual cash value policy. A replacement cost policy reimburses you for the full cost of replacing your items. On the other hand, an actual cash value policy only pays for the costs of replacing your items while also including depreciation. Typically, replacement cost coverage is around 10 percent higher than an actual cash value policy. However, this additional price increase is often worth it to make sure you receive the maximum value for your items.

How Much Should I Set Aside for My Deductible?
Another key question to consider while comparing coverages is your deductible, as it makes a big impact on the cost of insurance. A deductible is simply the amount you must pay on a claim before the insurance provider pays for the repair costs. For example, you will need to pay $500 in repairs before the insurance covers the rest if your deductible is $500 for your home insurance. Choosing a higher deductible will always lower your insurance premiums, but it’s also riskier if you ever need to file on your insurance due to the higher costs.

What Is Not Included in My Insurance Policy?
Not everything is included in a home insurance policy, as these items will be listed under exclusions. Reading the details of your policy is key to knowing your exclusions, whether it’s damage from flooding, earthquakes, termites, mold, poor maintenance, or other scenarios. Dangerous dog breeds are also excluded from most insurance policies. Discussing these exclusions with your insurance agent is helpful in determining if an insurance policy meets your needs or if you need to consider add-ons or even another insurance provider.

Will I Need to Buy Flood Insurance?
Dealing with the risk of flooding is a reality for anyone living in Florida due to the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms. You can even experience a flood if you don’t live in a flood zone. You will most likely need to buy a separate policy for flood insurance, as it’s a good idea to shop around to find the most affordable policies. A standard flood insurance policy will cover up to $250,000 in replacement cost coverage for your home and up to $100,000 for the loss of personal possessions.

Should I Consider an Umbrella Policy?
An umbrella policy is personal liability insurance that gives you an additional layer of protection for any claim that’s more than what your insurance will cover. Purchasing an umbrella policy is beneficial in giving you additional protection against a lawsuit. Typically, a $1 million umbrella policy will cost you an extra $150 to $300 each year. Discussing your needs with an insurance broker near me is beneficial in determining if you can benefit from an umbrella policy or if you should consider other options.

Do I Need to Update My Policy After Performing Renovations?
Many homeowners make the simple mistake of not updating their insurance policy after performing renovations on their homes. Reaching out to your insurer after making these home improvements is especially important in making sure you have enough insurance coverage, as some home improvement projects can greatly increase the value of your house. Taking the time to contact your insurance agent is important, whether you built a new swimming pool, added a brand new deck, or any other additions to your house.

Will I Need to Schedule a Home Inspection?
A home inspection is usually required before you purchase house insurance. Getting a home inspection makes it possible for an insurance provider to accurately determine your rates. A home inspector will look at a variety of things, such as the condition of your roof, plumbing system, home appliances, attic spaces, HVAC system, flooring, walls, electrical system, and much more. Overall, the main goal of a home inspection for insurance is to assess the potential risks and the cost of replacement.

Which Insurance Provider Should I Choose?
Finding the right insurance coverage for your home isn’t easy due to all of the choices. Each insurance company offers various prices, and they all have different requirements. Discussing your needs with an insurance agency is the easiest way to find insurance that best matches your needs without going over your budget. An insurance agent can quickly compare all of the major insurance providers to find the best coverage for your home. You can also use an insurance agent to find other types of insurance, whether it’s auto, boat, professional liability, and many other options.

How Can I Save Money On Insurance?
Looking at ways to save money on insurance is often a top priority for anyone living in Florida. Fortunately, you can do a variety of things to lessen the cost of your home insurance. For example, investing in a security system or installing impact glass throughout your home can lower the cost of your insurance. You can even bundle your auto and home insurance for additional cost savings. 

Making sure you receive quotes from multiple insurance companies is especially important in finding the most affordable coverage. An insurance agent can work on your behalf by comparing quotes from all the major insurance providers, which saves you a lot of time and effort. Comparing quotes every other year with different companies is also a great way to save money on insurance.

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