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Is your Home Safe from Electrical Hazards?

In the present times, more and more electrical appliances are used in homes and this means that the risk of electrical accidents is greater than before. Current studies have shown increasing incidents of fires caused by faulty electrical systems and wirings in residential properties, resulting in numerous deaths and accounts for millions of property losses.

Whilst electrical systems at home are often misunderstood and not properly assessed, it is significant to note that identifying risks or possible dangers and understanding how the electrical system works can keep you and your family safe inside your home.

How do you identify Electrical Fires?Since an electrical fire rarely gives off a smell, does not smoke and takes time to ignite, there’s no easy way of telling that it is imminent. Often caused by human error, electrical faults that start a fire can be a serious threat to your safety. Once there is an electrical fire, it is often challenging to extinguish which is why efforts should be maximized to prevent it from happening.

Read on to know more about electrical safety at home.

1) Circuit-breakers and Fuses – Both of these items can help you protect the wiring and electrical circuit in your home thus keeping you away from fires. More often than not, circuit breakers give a more precise protection as it switches off when a fault is identified. Fuses protect your home by automatically disconnecting the circuit. When a current flows through the fuse wire above a safe level, the fuse overheats and melts thus protecting the faulty circuit against overloading. It is important to do regular checks on your wiring, ensuring that they are in the correct sizes and appropriate for the specified loads rather than only depending on your fuses and circuit breakers.

2) Upgrades in Home Electrical Systems – Among the major causes of electrical fires in homes are faulty and aging wiring. Sure, you’d think your house is guaranteed to have a safe electrical system after having been built under building codes and by competent professionals, but with all the modern upgrades and as time passes, chances of fire increase as your wires loosen and fray over time.
You may consider having appliances such as air conditioners and space heaters, microwaves, toasters and computers. These appliances may demand some alterations to your electrical wiring which when not done correctly can cause serious effects like fires. Therefore, upgrades should be done cautiously to maintain home safety.

3) Extension Leads and Adaptors – Extension cords provide easy and fast solution when the limited sockets in your room are all in use. Often times, these cords are misused where they overheat and cause danger like an electrical fire. Keep in mind that the extension cord you are using on air conditioners, computers and game consoles should able to handle the load. The location of the cords is also important. For instance, they should be set up where they can dispel heat rather than enclosing it like putting it under carpets, rugs or heavy furniture.

Safety Standard

To help ensure that your electrical system at home is safe and within the standards, it would be best to have them installed or fixed by competent people who have the right skills and years of experience. Although you may want to have some DIY projects for your home, this may not apply when it comes to electrical work. And here’s the best part: many insurance companies offer discounts for professionally installed updates to your electrical system.

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