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Keeping Your Home Safe For Seniors

There are many areas within a home that can be potentially dangerous for a senior. Many accidents are due to slips and falls. These are most commonly due to the slippery floors of the bathroom and the kitchen. Ensure your home is safe for your senior loved ones by taking note of the following tips.
Check smoke detectors regularly

Do not wait for the annoying beep before you change the batteries of your smoke detector. Keep note of the date you change batteries to easily keep track of when you should replace them.

Ensure electrical cords are tucked away

Avoid crossing electrical cords along walkways and hallways. One can easily trip over these. If it is unavoidable to do this, tape it securely to the floor. You can even use a rug to cover it.

Use night lights

Eyesight gets poorer as we age. Your senior guests also may not be familiar with the surroundings of your home. Install night lights around areas they might need to move around at night.

Keep sharp objects and dangerous chemicals in a secure drawer

In the kitchen, avoid having knives easily accessible. Cleaning supplies and other chemicals should be also kept in a locked and secure cabinet.

Keep items they will use regularly in easily reachable areas

For items that the seniors will need to use often, like dishes or supplies, make sure they are in cabinets that are easily reached. This avoids the need to use step stools or other items they will need to climb.

Always put non-slip mats on floors that commonly get wet

Any surface that is not carpeted can be slippery when wet. This is especially true in the bathroom and kitchen floors. Use non-slip mats in these areas reduce the risk of slips.

Install grab bars

It can be difficult to sit and stand as you get older. Seniors will need to grab hold of something secure for them to be able to do this. For areas that they will not be comfortable having someone with them, like the toilet, install grab bars.


When we are younger, it is easy to overlook how some situations can be potentially dangerous. This leaves the door open to accidents for seniors who are living in the same house as we do. By doing the tips mentioned above, we can help make it a safer place for them. But not all dangers can be foreseen or controlled. It is important to also be protected by the right home insurance policy. Find the best fit for you by talking to a specialist.

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