Learn About The Vehicle’s Past: Things You Should Look For In A Vehicle History Report

Even with thorough research, it can be a gamble to buy a used vehicle. There are many factors to consider if you are on the lookout for a pre-owned car. You may get this information from the person selling the car. That person can either be a third-party dealership or the previous owner. Since they want to make a sale, most car sellers will omit certain information that may deter you from buying it. Because of this, doing a little researching on your own is always a good idea. Requesting for a vehicle history report from a reputable organization is a good way to start. It gives you a way to gather the hard facts about a car’s past.
There are still times when running a vehicle history report is not enough. It is important to understand the data from the report. If you want help in analyzing the information, read on to know the things to look for when you have a vehicle history report.

Number of Owners

A good vehicle history report should have a rough estimate of the previous owners. The more previous owners the car had, the lower the quality of the car. Once a vehicle had a dozen holders, it is unlikely that they gave it the maintenance and care to perform well.


The distance driven by a vehicle is another important detail included in most reports. You may also see this on the odometer of the car. It can provide an accurate picture of the car and its activity over its lifetime. If the previous owner is a traveling salesman, then usually the car underwent a lot of wear and tear. A person with a 9-5 desk job usually has a lower mileage.

Records of Accident and Theft

The report should have the number of accidents experienced by the car including records of theft. These are details that may impact the future performance of a vehicle. If there is a report that someone stole that car, they might have also tampered with it and probably didn’t take good care of it. The same may apply for repair works to a vehicle. Some repairs are not so alarming. It depends on the kind of repair so it’s better to read the details of the repair. Minor mistakes made during repairs may not cause any problems for now but it can wear down and cause more harm than good in the future.


Car history reports vary with every provider. Yet, the three points mentioned above are standard. Every report should have them. Check out your vehicle history report thoroughly. Investigate if there are any discrepancies between the seller’s story and report data. Do this extra work now so you can save a lot of money and time in the future.

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