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Protecting Your Car from Pollen Damage

Every season may have unique inconveniences and problems. Fall brings in debris and fallen leaves. Winter will bring in ice and snow. Summer, on the other hand, carries extreme humidity and heat.
Spring is one of the peskiest seasons for car owners. It will coat your car with tree pollen. This troublesome period does not only aggravate your allergies, but it also leaves a messy coat of yellowish green dust on your vehicle.

After the Checklist for Spring Car Cleaning, here are a few tips that can protect you and your car from pollen during springtime:

1) Check your cabin air filter.

If there is dirt on your cabin air filter, it can be easy to replace it yourself. Look for the location in your owner’s manual. Purchase a new filter that you can get from any auto parts store and replace it. If this seems too complicated or you’d rather make someone else do it, ask assistance from your mechanic.

2) Top off the windshield with washer fluid.
Make sure that you have a lot of washer fluid whenever spring begins. It can help you blast off pollen for the whole season.
3) Keep the windshield wipers clean.
Wipe the rear and front wipers using a damp cloth weekly. It can help in preventing the build-up of pollen.

4) Maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle.
Spray the car’s exterior off with water and thoroughly wipe down your windows to reduce the amount of pollen that enters the vehicle. Doing this can ensure the needed visibility so you can drive safely. Pollen may look light and harmless, but it can scratch. Make sure that you use a damp cloth and spray your car down whenever you clean the paint.

5) Inspect the air filter of your engine.
After the pollen stops falling, check the air filter of your engine. There is a possibility that the clogged filter may reduce your car’s fuel economy.

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