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Replacing Your Brakes 101

The car’s brakes are important. Without properly functioning brakes you’ll surely get into an accident – especially if you’re cruising at high speed. The life of the brake pad or lining varies depending on where and how you drive your car.

Brakes & How Much You Drive Your Car

If you drive for only 8,000 miles annually in an urban area, you’ll definitely need to replace brake pads every so often. However, if you drive 28,000 miles a year in a rural area, you’d find that you won’t need to replace it now and then. That’s because your brakes are used a lot more in city driving than when you’re on a rural highway.

When You Should Have Your Brakes Inspected

The sad thing is there’s no exact schedule of when you need to replace the brakes. Thus, you only need to rely on your ears and the advice of your mechanic. Most cars need to have their tires rotated every six months, and that is a good time for a brake inspection as well.

Some cars have built-in sensors that warn their owners when the brake linings need to be replaced. However, not all vehicles have sensors. Thus, drivers should listen to any squeals, squeaks, and other noises that may indicate wear. While some minor noises can be eliminated when brakes are cleaned, persistent and prominent noises usually indicate that some parts are worn.

Other signs that brakes need to be replaced:

  • Foot going down further to the floor when applying brakes
  • Pulsations through brake pedals
  • Longer stopping distances

All vehicles have brake warning lights that turn on for a few seconds every time you start your car. If these lights turn on while driving, this indicates that you have a low brake fluid due to a leak or a problem with your brake cylinder. Note, however, that this warning light is not the same as the light that comes on when applying hand- or foot-operated parking brake.

Always make it a point to test your brakes while you are just going out of your garage or the parking lot. Bear in mind that a brake that works will save your life. Thus, have it inspected immediately if you notice any changes or noises and replace what needs to be replaced.

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