Safer Car for Teenage Drivers

It may be difficult to hand over the car keys to a newly-licensed teenage driver. That may be because they have risky behaviors. While getting their license may be exciting for them, it is enough to make parents feel worried. However, there are things you can do as a parent to regain some peace of mind. Here are some tips!
Choose a car that has good crash protection features.

Since teenagers are often reckless, choose a car that has state-of-the-art-protection in case they collide with another object.

As much as possible, don’t let teens drive older vehicles.

Most of the latest cars have better features than those that were built six or more years ago.

Do not let them drive unstable cars.

Sport utility vehicles (SUV), particularly the smaller ones, are typically less stable than other cars because they have high centers of gravity. These cars may rollover with abrupt steering maneuvers (that is, when teens fool around or when they over-correct a driving error).

Never let them drive a small car.

It’s important to note that small cars offer less crash protection than larger ones. But that doesn’t mean you’d only let them drive in the largest vehicles out there. Consider mid- and full-size cars that offer good crash protection. Check their safety ratings – which you can easily find online.

Do not let them use cars that encourage reckless driving.

Teenage drivers aren’t only inexperienced, but they may lack maturity as well. Thus, it’s common for them to speed off or drive recklessly. Sports cars and high performance vehicles may encourage these behaviors. So, you might want to choose vehicles that will reduce your teen’s chances of getting into speed-related accidents.

Aside from making sure that your teenage kids drive a safe car, you should also ensure that they are protected while they’re on the road. How? Get them reliable car insurance! Although they may seem costly to ensure, the benefits will definitely outweigh the risks. And hey, there may be discounts available for them!

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