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Staying Covered: Why You Should Have An Up-to-Date Home Inventory List

Taking the extra time to create a home inventory list is always well worth the effort if you have homeowners insurance. Using a home inventory list makes it much easier to file an insurance claim in Florida while saving you a lot of time and hard work. You can also create an inventory list in a variety of ways, whether you prefer to write everything in a notebook, type a list on the computer, or even use numerous apps. Some people even prefer to take photos or use a smartphone to make a video of their items to save time. The main key is to create a list in whichever way that’s easiest for you.

Here is an overview of the main benefits of creating a detailed home inventory list.

Increase the Speed of the Claim Process
One of the biggest advantages of creating a home inventory list is that it helps speed up the insurance claim process. Instead of trying to recount everything after the damage is already done, you can easily send your inventory list to your homeowners insurance provider. However, it’s important to remember to make multiple copies of your list and store it outside of your home to ensure it doesn’t get lost or destroyed. You may want to leave a list with a family friend, or you can upload a digital list onto any cloud service for safekeeping.

Maximize Your Payment
Another reason why you should make an up-to-date inventory list for your home is that it can help you maximize your claim. On the other hand, it’s very easy to accidentally forget about some of your belongings if you are trying to create a list after the damage is already done. Staying proactive by writing a list in advance will ensure that all of your valuable items are accounted for if you ever need to file an insurance claim. Taking the additional time to create a detailed inventory list will make the entire process easier.

Experience Less Stress
Dealing with an insurance claim is often a stressful experience, especially if your home suffered damages or was completely destroyed due to severe weather or a fire. Trying to remember all of the valuable items inside of your home is nearly impossible in such a dire situation. However, you can avoid some of this stress by creating a detailed inventory list in advance. An updated inventory list makes it easy for you to send this information to your insurance provider without forcing you to spend hours trying to remember all of the valuable items in your home.

What Information is Needed in a Home Inventory List?
Understanding how to create an inventory list for your Florida home is also important in avoiding any confusion while making the process as easy as possible. The most simple way to write an inventory list is to provide a brief description of the item and its estimated value. Choosing to include the purchase date and receipts is helpful if you have access to this information. Writing down the make and model of electronic items is also a good idea. Of course, you won’t always have receipts for every item you own, as you can create general categories for clothing or less valuable items.

How Often Should You Update Your Inventory List?
Keeping your inventory list up to date is key to staying accurate. It’s often a good idea to update your inventory list on a regular basis, whether it’s every few months or twice a year. Adding more expensive purchases to your list as soon as you buy them is often recommended, whether it’s a brand new TV, computer, gaming system, or maybe it’s expensive jewelry or even a rare painting. You can organize your list by each room in your home while grouping similar items together to save you time. 

A Few Other Tips to Remember
Knowing the details of your homeowners insurance policy is key while you are putting together your inventory list. Some insurance providers place a sub-limit on high-value items, as you may need to purchase an add-on to insure these items to their total value. Making sure that your policy covers the replacement value instead of the cash value of your possessions is essential. For example, an actual cash value payment would only cover the depreciated value of your personal items instead of brand-new replacements. Contacting your insurance provider and going over your policy details is important to ensure you understand everything involving your homeowners insurance policy.

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