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Storing Your Car for an Extended Time

If you are planning to leave your car for an extended period, it is essential to learn how to store it properly. Improper storage may damage your vehicle. Always keep your vehicle in great shape even during extended storage by following the tips below.
Keep It Indoors
If you have a garage at home, then this is an excellent place to start. Keeping the car indoors protects it from the elements like extreme weather. It also helps secure the car from theft and other risks. If you do not have a garage, you may try renting one or parking in a friend or family’s garage.

Check the Tires
Tire pressure decreases over time. A flat spot can develop when your car sits on underinflated tires for too long. You can avoid this by leaving your tires at the maximum pressure as listed for your vehicle. This will give an allowance for air loss.

Keep It Clean
Always clean your car thoroughly before storing it. Make sure the inside is vacuumed and clear of dirt especially food crumbs. These can attract pests while you are away. Make sure the exterior is clean and devoid of watermarks, dirt, dust, stains, and bird droppings. When left alone, these will ruin your paint job.

Cover the Car
You may want to use a car cover for your vehicle. This is useful even if you are storing in indoors. It gives you another layer of protection. Before covering it, ensure you have done the following.

  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Remove windshield wipers to avoid warping and sticking.
  • Cover the exhaust with a rag to keep pests and dust out.

How About the Engine?
Fill the gas tank to lessen the space for moisture. If you are gone for months, you may want to use fuel stabilizers. These prevent fuel from separating and to avoid corrosion.

Change the engine oil before storing to remove as much dirt as possible. You may also want to change the air filter.

As for the battery, remove it if you will be gone for months. They can discharge and corrode if left too long.

Your car needs to be cared for to ensure proper running. This helps protect it from breakdowns and keeps you away from emergencies. Ensure you and your vehicle is always protected by having the right coverage. The proper insurance can do this for you. At Wellcovered Insurance, we put our clients first by offering them policies that they can afford. Learn more about our products and services by calling our agency at (386) 218-4951. You can also request for a free quote by CLICKING HERE.