The Essential Paperwork for Car Insurance

Insurance can come with some red tape. Everything needs verification. Even if a lot of things now go digital, the insurance industry still relies on paperwork. You provide paperwork to acquire the insurance policy, and the company will give you insurance in return.
Paperwork for a Car Insurance Quote

Provide your current declaration page of your current car insurance policy to the insurance company that you need a quote. The disclosure page provides proof of insurance. It will also let the insurance agent know about the coverage that your vehicles have.

Sometimes, the insurance company that you want to get a quote from can pull your history in your previous insurance. A declaration may not be a requirement in these cases, but it will be a good idea. Your insurance history will not display your complete coverage, but it will verify that you have an existing policy.

Driving License

Insurance carriers sometimes require a copy of your driver’s license. Most companies check your driving record to see if you have any violations.

Voided Check

A nice way to pay for insurance is to set up the EFT of your auto insurance payment. Your insurance agent usually requires a voided check so your account may withdraw accurately.

Car Insurance Verification for Discount Paperwork

Some car insurance discounts need documentation. Plan to get the paperwork together so you can get the following discounts.

1) Proof of Home Ownership

When it comes to discounts, insurance companies usually cannot take your word for it. The discount you get for homeownership is a good one, but requires verification. The evidence may come from the homeowner’s insurance policy or tax documents.

2) Report Card

A thing you may count on in insurance paperwork is that they will require proof that you have good grades to get the good student discount. Students should give your current report card to verify if they meet the requirements.

3) Proof of Company Car

If you drive a company car, you can sometimes get a discount since you don’t drive your personal car as much as the average person. But the insurance company will want you to prove that you have a company car.

4) Membership Proof

A lot of insurance companies offer discounts for members. If you are a member of an organization that qualifies for a discount, the insurance company will want to see a membership card or other verification. Inquire for membership discounts with your insurance company and provide proof of qualification.

5) Prior Car Insurance Carrier Paperwork

Insurance companies require a lot of paperwork, and they will send a lot of paperwork as well. Many companies are trying to be more “green” and will offer you a discount to get all of your paperwork via email rather than snail mail.

6) Declarations Page

This page has all of your information listed in an easy to read format. It will be your go to paper in case there are queries about your cost of insurance and coverage.

7) Proof of Insurance

Put your proof of insurance in a safe place. It is the only document that will verify your vehicle’s coverage. You need to give it to the police to prove you are insured in a case where you are pulled over or in an accident.

8) Bills

You’ll receive a bill if you have a car insurance policy. The payment plan you select will determine the frequency of your bill.

9) Declaration Pages Updated

Whenever you make a change in your car insurance policy, you will receive paperwork to verify the change. Making changes near the renewal of the policy will double your paperwork. One of them will be for the current and the other for renewal. Whenever you make frequent changes, you are planning to get a lot of paperwork from your insurance company.

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