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The Importance of Having The Proper Maintenance Of Your Vehicle

Safety is our primary concern and we wouldn’t take the risk of driving our car with a malfunction stopping and steering abilities. Preventive maintenance is probably the single thing you can do as a car owner. So, don’t ignore the basics, like changing your oil, checking your tire pressure, and getting scheduled inspections.

There are lots of factors that affect your safety while on the road: We have the cracks and holes in the pavement, the highways or bridges that aren’t maintained regularly, and the potholes and the irregularities of the road.

Here are some facts for your information:

* As of 2005, study shows that poorly maintained vehicles account for 5% of all accidents, which caused more than $2 billion in property damages, lost wages, and medical expenses.
* Automotive Analysts reported unperformed vehicle upkeep in the entire US had grown to $62 billion in 2010.
* According to the 2011 studies, the average age of cars on the roads of US today is more than 11 years old.

It is necessary to perform the needed check-up for your vehicles to determine the early stage problems than allowing the situation to worsen into an expensive repair and would cost you a lot more financial damages. It is your personal choice if you want to pay a little now, or pay a lot later. In other words, doing regular basis will help prevent brake overhaul and spending on a new brake system with all the necessary parts.

Repairing brakes for security reason is always our priority when we all know how crucial brakes are and the circumstances we will have with malfunctioned brakes.

Here are safety tips for your brake services:

* Choose high quality brake pads.
* Make sure the brake calipers are inspected to ensure that no moving parts are abraded.
* Don’t be cheap when it comes to your brakes. Make sure your car is going to come to a stop when it needs to.

Owning an older vehicle:

There are things that you need to consider when you have an old car. You might need more than just the usual maintenance.

* When your rubber-type flex brake hoses are old and torn, you may need to have it replaced.
* Ask for a check-up on the wheel bearings when rotors are being resurfaced for reuse and have the front wheel bearings be repacked with new grease, along with replacing the seals.
* Remove the moisture from the fluid openings, lines and caliper of your brake hydraulic system.
* See to it that you always have your emergency brake assembly examined if necessary.

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