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Top 5 Business Ideas for Students

Starting a business while still a student is not only a source of additional income but also a great way to personally and holistically develop. The younger an individual is, the better way to start seizing all available opportunities.
Why Start a Business Early?
Here are reasons why one should start a business while still a student:

  • Possibly Lower Risks and Higher Gains
    Starting a business while still in school may have less loses as compared to later stages in life because things started small. There is less to lose when one is still a student; therefore, there is a higher chance of having more gains.
  • More Accessible Resources and Customers
    Students have access to campus resources such as internet connection, books, and other materials that can help run the business. There is also more chance of getting customers due to accessibility to the school population.

What Business To Start?
These are top 5 business ideas for students:

  • Web Designing
    One can start a web designing business wherein different entrepreneurs or companies can serve as customers. Marketing can be done online for broad customer coverage.
  • Product Selling
    A student can sell products either online or personal. E-commerce can be utilised for this type of business. Products to sell may include food, cosmetics, accessories, etc.
  • Tutoring
    Students can start a business of providing tutorials. There are different possible subjects or specific national examinations to teach.
  • Being a Writer/Author
    One can start a business of freelance writing or become an e-book author; one can publish and sell outputs online.
  • Event Photographer
    If a student has talent with photography, he/she can start his/her business of event photography. Aside from taking pictures and videos, editing and printing can also be considered.

Tips on Starting a Business
When starting a business as a student, one should first prioritise. Think about what is the scope of the business and then self-evaluate the extent of skills and resources. It is recommended to connect with other students to serve as business partners.

Funding options available should be explored to start the business. It is also essential to plan the schedule and provide a checklist of tasks and resources needed.

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