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Top 5 Short Cuts for Maintaining a Home

Maintaining a household is a full time job in itself. You have to ensure all areas are orderly and clean. This takes a lot of time that we may not have. Many of us are busy with work and having a difficult time juggling our responsibilities in the office and at home. Being efficient at home can help in a lot of ways to save time. Here are the top 5 shortcuts you can take to make your home easier to maintain.
1. Divide areas for cleaning throughout the week

Divide the house into sections that can be cleaned on different days in the week. Put focus on areas that are constantly used and get dirty easier. These are usually the bathroom and kitchen if you cook daily.

2. Avoid letting the dishes pile up

It is very tempting to just put the dishes on the sink and worry about them on another day. It will take more time to clean a pile of dishes as opposed to a few at a time. This also avoids food particles in the utensils from inviting pests and collecting bacteria.

3. Keep the garbage out of the house

Always bring the trash out of the house at the end of the day. Trash invites pests which you would not want inside your home. Leaving trash that spoils for a few days will also start to smell and may spread bacteria.

4. Avoid shoes inside the house

It’s a good idea to keep a shoe rack by the front door. Everyone, including guests, can remove their shoes before they enter the house. You can supply them with slippers that are only used indoors. This helps keep dirt from the outside away from your home.

5. Cover up with towels and rugs

Your carpet or flooring will get worn out over time. You can cover up areas that are worn out faster with rugs to help extend their use. It is also a nice way to accent and decorate your home. The same can be done on countertops. Keep a towel under items that can spill to keep your countertop clean.


The longer you can keep your house clean, the less work you need to do. However, you will not be able to control everything to protect and upkeep your home. There is always a potential for danger that can easily ruin your home. For these, a good home insurance policy can help you. Look for one that best fits your need by talking to a specialist.

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