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Ways to Increase Home Safety for Seniors

Every member of the family should feel safe at home, including the elderly. We know that our physical abilities weaken as we get older. Getting around the house becomes slower and more difficult. Aside from the physical limitations, the vision becomes impaired as well.
Bedroom Safety

  • Install enough lighting to see objects clearly and avoid tripping hazards.
  • Remove or hide tangled electrical cords.
  • Keep the bedroom clean and clutter-free.
  • Remove throw rugs as they can cause the senior to trip.
  • Choose the right height of bed to prevent falling.

Living Room Safety

  • Ensure that there is enough space to safely move around in the living room.
  • Check carpets regularly for wear and tear, as they may create uneven surface, thus increasing the risk of falling.
  • Make sure the pieces of furniture are stable to prevent them from tipping over or falling.
  • Limit the use of glass furniture and those with sharpened-edge ones.

Bathroom Safety

  • Check the height of your bathtub. Consider placing a small step or a tub transfer bench.
  • Place bathroom mats to prevent slips and falls.
  • Put grab bars in proper locations such as near the toilet, bathtub, or shower.

Kitchen Safety

  • Opt for silicone mitts and potholders as they are slip-resistant.
  • Install smoke detectors. Consider smart heat and smoke detector app that can connect to your mobile phone.
  • Put emergency contact list and medical information visible, for example on the fridge door.
  • Make items inside the kitchen cabinets easy to reach.
  • Organize things in the kitchen and make it clutter-free.

Home Monitoring

  • Install a peep hole in your front door. This helps to view outside before opening your door. You could also install a doorbell camera.
  • Aside from peep holes and exterior cameras, put deadbolts on all your exterior doors.
  • Lower the risk of break-ins through your windows by increasing their strength. Use thick safety glass instead of decorative glass, to prevent them from being access points.
  • Opt for metal or solid wood doors, instead of glass or hollow type of doors.
  • Add plenty of lighting and motion sensor around the house.


Nothing can stop aging as long as we are alive. What you can do for the seniors in your households is to make some adjustments and improvements to increase safety and security. This helps make their lives easier and longer.

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