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Ways to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

With all the improvements you have implemented, making your home child-friendly all around is essential. Your children will be a lot safer, and even your guest’s child can enjoy improved safety.
Simple Steps to Start With
There are a few steps you could make that won’t break the bank. It will not be expensive and just basically rearranging things. Below are a few we list down.

  • Keep Out of Reach– The necessary accessories and types of equipment on the shelf or table should be placed higher that is not within reach of a child. That will avoid damage and injuries to children.
  • Extension Cords and Sockets– All the necessary wire cables from extension cords and other gadgets like television and electric fans should be neatly coiled or rolled. Secured with a wire lock or zip tie to avoid length untangled wires that can pose a danger to kids.
  • Displays and Accessories– Photo frame displays and other plaques should be out of reach from children. A smart solution will be having a glass door shelf with a lock that cannot be opened by kids.

Smart Innovation and Technologies
With the current day advancements in home innovation, this lets you transform a better child-friendly home. Some tools and home equipment are already child-proofed by the manufacturer’s design and choosing them will be ideal.

  • Child-Proofing Locks and Doors– Door locks and shelf locks can have a child safety lock installed. That can provide safety for the equipment inside the shelf as well as assure that children will not be in danger.
  • Blinds and Curtains– With the proper window curtains in your home. The pull wire or rod to activate the curtains should be placed high or not within reach. That includes living room curtains and even bathroom shower curtains.
  • Better Communication and Awareness– With the availability of closed-circuit television or CCTV an added help is a bonus. Placing them strategically right could help you improve visual awareness when children are playing around. A smart intercom type of button and radio can also enhance communication when you are not in the house to communicate with the children.

Improvements that Promote Smarter Children
With the changes implemented, individual approach and rules will be created by you for your children.

As the kids continue to progress forward, it means they are growing up. Things will tend to be more natural for you, and that would mean better guide to visitor’s children and kids. Home insurance will further improve your safety and investments at home. At Wellcovered Insurance, we aim to make our client’s life easier with policies that are tailored to their needs. You can get more information about our products and services by calling our agency at (386) 218-4951. Get your free quote today by CLICKING HERE.