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When The “Check Engine” Light Turns On

All vehicles have an onboard diagnostic system that detects engine problems affecting emissions control system. They have a “Check Engine” light signals a malfunction in your car’s ignition, emission, or fuel systems. It could mean something simple like a loose gas cap. Or it could mean a severe problem like a problematic catalytic converter. Either way, it shouldn’t be ignored.

The check-engine light is usually a yellow or orange outline of an engine with the “CHECK” word in it. It should come on along with other warning lights when you turn on your car. If it stays on, that means your car has a problem. However, note that it can either be flashing light or not; both of which demands attention.

A Flashing “Check Engine” Light

If you encounter a flashing “check engine” light, it usually means your car has a misfire problem or other serious issues. Whatever the cause, it should be addressed immediately at an auto repair shop. If you ignore the flashing light, it will increase your chances of encountering additional car problems. That includes a faulty catalytic converter that costs over $1,000 to replace.

A “Check Engine” Light That Stays On All The Time

If the check engine light is not flashing, you should tighten the gas cap first before heading to the repair shop. Chances are, a loose cap only triggered the warning. Check if the light goes off after several engines starts the next day. Replace worn gas cap to solve the problem.

If that doesn’t solve it, you need to go to an auto technician to diagnose the problem. They will be tapping into the onboard diagnostic system under the dashboard to read diagnostic codes. That will help determine the cause of the problem, which may be a faulty oxygen sensor or a bad spark plug.

Even if it seems that your car is doing well, you still shouldn’t ignore a check-engine light. There’s definitely a problem with your car and not fixing it immediately will only make it worse.

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