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How do I Fry a Turkey? Hint: Away From Your Home

Cooking a turkey for the holidays is a time-honored tradition for families across the United States. However, one of the biggest risks of deep frying a turkey is the potential for a large fire if you aren’t careful. Many homes are destroyed yearly due to deep fryers. Taking additional precautions with a deep fryer is essential to staying safe while helping you to avoid filing a claim on your home insurance.

Why You Need to Use a Deep Fryer Away From Your Home
Many people make the mistake of using a deep fryer inside their homes. Unfortunately, this can lead to devastating consequences. Choosing to deep fry a turkey at least ten feet away from your house is recommended to decrease the chance of a fire. You should also avoid trying to fry a frozen turkey, as this can cause the hot oil to boil over. Making sure the turkey is completely thawed is essential before you begin frying.

Safety Tips for Deep Frying a Turkey
Reading the manufacturer’s guidelines for using a deep fryer is important to staying safe. Turkey fryers are often misused due to a lack of familiarity with their setup. Wearing a BBQ apron, mitts, and protective shoes is key to avoiding injuries. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby is also important. You should never leave a fryer unattended, and it’s important to keep children and pets away while you are using a fryer.

How to Safely Set Up a Turkey Fryer
You will need to find an open space that is flat for your outdoor fryer. Keeping your fryer at least 10 feet away from your home is essential, and you should avoid putting your fryer near any flammable material. Afterward, you can set up your turkey fryer by following the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual. It’s important to make sure nothing is overhead the fryer that can catch on fire.

You can check to see the amount of oil you need by placing the turkey in the pot while adding enough water to cover it by half an inch. Afterward, you can remove the turkey and mark the correct water level to find out how much oil is needed. You will need to wash and dry the fryer pot before you begin cooking.

Tips on How to Prepare a Turkey
You will need to make sure the turkey is thoroughly thawed before you begin to fry it. Once the turkey is unwrapped, you can remove the giblets and neck from the body. Making sure there is no hidden ice within the turkey is key to preventing the oil from spattering once you put it in the deep fryer. You can also inject seasonings before you fry a turkey. It’s important to make small cuts under the wings, neck, and legs to make it easier for the oil to drain after frying.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey Outside
You will need to wear protective gloves and an apron before adding oil to the outdoor fryer. The oil level needs to be anywhere from three to five inches under the top of the pot, and it needs to be preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a digital read thermometer to track the temperature. Once the oil reaches the optimal temperature, you can turn the burner off and put the empty basket in the pot for around 30 seconds. 

Afterward, you can remove the basket and put the turkey inside while carefully lowering it into the oil. You will turn the burner on and cook the turkey for around four or five minutes per pound. White meat needs to cook until it reaches a temperature of 165-170 degrees, while dark meat needs to be 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit. Once complete, you can turn the burner off and carefully remove the turkey from the pot while placing it on paper towels to drain.

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