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Month: May 2018

why home ins rates are on the rise and what to do about it

why home ins rates are on the rise and what to do about it Picture

This article is meant to be a simple explanation for why home insurance rates are on the rise and some helpful hints on how to lower home insurance cost without sacrificing coverage. I am not saying I agree with the logic (of the insurance companies) for all the below reasons on why home insurance rates […]

Practicing Safety At Home

Practicing Safety At Home Picture

When we think of safety in our homes, we often think of external factors. Natural disasters like earthquake, storms, floods, or even animal attacks spring to mind. We will even secure our homes from burglars and other criminals. However, it is often neglected that our homes contain many hazards. Like the external factors, these pose […]



Hello, and thank you for reading. This article is designed to give a quick concise explanation of how the different hurricane deductible options work. Percentage Hurricane Deductible (most common)First (and I believe the most mis-understood) is the percentage-based hurricane deductible. The most common hurricane deductible for home insurance in Florida is the 2% hurricane deductible. […]

How Clean Homes Affect Your Health

How Clean Homes Affect Your Health Picture

There are a lot of benefits to owning a clean and well-organized home. Of course, there are obvious benefits. It is great for your home’s aesthetic. A clean and organized home shows off the beauty of your home. Removing the clutter also makes your home safer. You can avoid tripping over obstructions and also avoid […]